About Us


The story of the TrailNest Roof Top Hammock Stand began on a sweltering summer night in Anza Borrego. I lay awake on a sleeping platform I had painstakingly constructed in the back of my truck, tossing, turning, and sweating as I slowly lost hope for having a truly comfortable night while camping in my off-road rig. Looking at the stars obscured through the dusty glass of the sunroof, I longed for the relaxing nights I'd spent in hammocks on previous backpacking trips.

Anza Borrego off road camping

On my next journey, I resolved to have a better night's sleep, and packed my favorite hammock and accessories.  My dream would not be so easily realized, however, because this expedition was a trip along the Mojave Road, which is renowned for beautiful desert vistas but not for an abundance of trees. Searching the desert, I finally found a withered trunk with just enough tenacity to suspend one end of my hammock while the other hung from my roof rack. The view of the cloudless, starlit sky was beautiful, even if the location near my lone tree was otherwise less than ideal.  My peaceful solitude was not to last, however, as shortly after dozing off I was awakened by an inquisitive band of coyotes who were persistent enough to return repeatedly throughout the night.

Hammocking from a dead tree

Upon returning home I began to look at roof top tents, hoping to gain some separation above curious wildlife. The idea of a tent on the warm summer nights didn’t sound much better than my sleeping platform, though. Was my goal really to journey so far, to such beautiful places, only to sleep in a fabric box? The cool breeze and open night sky were the whole reason I tried to escape from civilization, and shutting them out was the last thing I wanted to do. I decided that some experiments were in order, and began the design and construction of the Roof Top Hammock Stand. 

After many iterations and months of careful engineering, I am finally ready to share with everyone the joy that my hammock stand has added to my overland journeys. Pulling into camp each night, I finally feel an excitement that was previously lacking, and I can't wait to stretch out each night in a spacious hammock. The rooftop vantage elevates me above my surroundings and I fall asleep to views that I will remember for decades to come. Though I'd once intended it for use in the desert, I now use my hammock stand in every location I visit, because I no longer have to search for trees, a tent site, or even level ground. It's as easy as folding it open, kicking back, and taking in the views.

My mission is to provide a versatile, fun, and unforgettable place for travelers to rest, no matter how far they roam. So if you want something a little different, and love feeling the open wilderness stretch out around you in all directions, I hope that you'll share my passion for taking the perfect hang with you... anywhere.

Happy trails and peaceful nights,
Chris Blackthorn

Enjoying sunset over the white mountains in a roof top hammock stand