You have questions about the TrailNest™ Roof Top Hammock Stand. We have answers. For more information, see the full user instructions.

Is a hammock better than a tent?

At TrailNest, we're lifelong adventurers, and we think hammocks capture the essence of that wilderness spirit - travelling to unforgettable vistas, taking in the sights and sounds, relaxing in the breeze. It seems like a waste to shut all that out in the confines of a tent. Why trade fresh desert air and the moon rising in a star-filled sky for a cramped, muggy fabric room? Plus, unlike a tent, hammocks don’t require level ground, give taller adventurers room to stretch out, and have all the ventilation you could ask for.

To put it simply, looking out a tent window can never compare to floating effortlessly in a 360° panorama of nature. Once you experience the spectacular views and comfort of our Roof Top Hammock Stand, we think you'll get it.

Why hammock on the roof?

With a stand on the roof, you can hammock in places never before accessible, from the edges of canyons to desert dunes to the tops of mountains. The rooftop vantage point is the key to amazing, uninterrupted views coupled with unbeatable comfort. You can enjoy this escape anytime, anywhere. No more looking for just the right place to hang - the moment you're parked, you are ready to relax. Plus, being off the ground keeps you out of reach of curious wildlife.

Can I use it on the ground?

We are developing a line of different leg adapters and mounting systems to allow you to use your hammock on the ground. Stay tuned for updates!

Will a Roof Top Hammock Stand fit on my vehicle?

Our flexible mounting system attaches securely to almost any roof bars. It works best for bar diameters between 2 and 3 inches spaced anywhere from 36 to 48 inches apart, but many additional mountings are possible with appropriate hardware.

As with any rooftop accessory, consult your vehicle owner's manual and/or roof bar manufacturer for load limits. Note that static load limits (while the vehicle is parked) are much higher than dynamic load limits (while the vehicle is moving). Due to the wide range of vehicle and roof bar manufacturers, any installation and use is at the sole discretion and risk of the user.

What hammocks can I use?

Use any non-spreader bar hammock that you like, along with any underquilts, overquilts, bug nets, or other accessories. The ridgeline length (distance between upright attachment points) is 115 inches, which will work best for hammocks up to 10 feet long. Deploying your stand will be even faster and easier if your hammock has a carabiner or hook at each end.

How much weight can the Roof Top Hammock Stand hold?

Each stand holds up to 250lb of hammock weight.

How do I get in and out of the hammock?

Every Mark II stand includes an integrated floor to give you somewhere to stand while you get in and out of the hammock. When on the move, the floor doubles as a rack to tie down gear. To get up to the roof, we offer a telescoping ladder which collapses for easy transportation. 

How big is the Roof Top Hammock Stand?

When folded, the Roof Top Hammock Stand is 61 inches long and only 8 inches tall, with 25 inch wide legs. When unfolded, the hang points on the arms reach 46 inches high and span 115 inches.

Can my traveling partner join me?

Of course! With our Roof Top Hammock Stand Mark II - Double you can mount two stands and a double floor on the same vehicle with appropriate roof bars. If your vehicle is big enough, you can keep adding even more stands to house the whole crew.

What about my dog?

For your dog’s safety, we don’t recommend bringing them onto the roof.

Where can I use the Roof Top Hammock Stand?

You can use the Roof Top Hammock Stand anywhere. That could be deep in the woods, a music festival, or the shopping mall parking lot. Trees are no longer an issue! Unlike tents, you don’t even need to look for level ground.

How do I lay in a hammock?

Lay diagonally. Let your feet lay to one side and your head to the other. This works best if you hang your hammock loosely, with a nice sag. Taller users will have plenty of room while laying diagonally, especially if they choose a wider hammock.

We recommend checking out this article at theultimatehang.com (and all their other great articles) for a detailed explanation.

Will hanging the hammock tightly help me lay flat?

NO! This is a common mistake, but a tight hammock is unstable, prone to flipping over, and actually forces you to lay in an uncomfortable curve. It can also put excessive stress on your stand. Laying diagonally is the key to staying flat, safe, and comfortable.

Can I use the Roof Top Hammock Stand while the vehicle is in motion?

Absolutely not, and we're ashamed of you for even asking. The Roof Top Hammock Stand should always be safely folded and locked into transportation position when the vehicle is moving, and under no circumstances should anyone EVER be on top of a moving vehicle.