You didn't come this far
to sleep inside

We know it’s a little crazy. But once you experience it... You’ll get it.

  • TrailNest Roof Top Hammock, folded on an SUV for easy transport to campsite

    Don't sweat the location

    No need to search for perfectly level ground! When you pull off the trail, all you should be focusing on is finding the perfect view.

  • TrailNest Roof Top Hammock arms swing out and lock into their open position

    Ready at a moment's notice

    Deploying your TrailNest stand is as simple as connecting a hammock, swinging the arms open, and locking them in place.

  • TrailNest Roof Top Hammock Stand, with hammock of choice connected to the hang points

    Relax and enjoy the wilderness

    Free from the confines of a tent and safe from local wildlife, lay back and enjoy the stars from a new perspective!

The World's First Roof Top Hammock Stand Returns

Introducing the Mark II

The Roof Top Hammock Stand introduced a way to experience vehicular camping from a totally new perspective. But we weren’t satisfied with creating the first – We strive to create the best. With the Mark II, we're taking every aspect of the design to new heights.

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame
  • Lightweight, durable, and protected by a robust powder coat finish.
  • CNC waterjet manufacturing
  • Precision design allows the arms to open or stow flat in less than a minute.
  • Integrated flooring
  • Enter and exit the hammock with ease. Modular for upgrades or repairs.
  • Universal mounting
  • Securely connects to roof bars, racks, or whatever else you can imagine.
It's time to make sleeping on the trail a part of the adventure

It's time to make sleeping on the trail a part of the adventure

Aerospace-grade aluminum construction. Built in the USA. Ready to deploy in less than a minute - It's never been easier to bring the perfect hang wherever your tires can carry you.

Order now for summer

Order now for summer

Our dream was to camp in a new way, to connect with nature rather than shut it out. We've seen just how many of you share that dream, and this summer, we want everyone to experience it for themselves.

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Got questions? We've got answers.

Is a hammock better than a tent?

At TrailNest, we're lifelong adventurers, and we think hammocks capture the essence of that wilderness spirit - travelling to unforgettable vistas, taking in the sights and sounds, relaxing in the breeze. It seems like a waste to shut all that out in the confines of a tent. Why trade fresh desert air and the moon rising in a star-filled sky for a cramped, muggy fabric room? Plus, unlike a tent, hammocks don’t require level ground, give taller adventurers room to stretch out, and have all the ventilation you could ask for. To put it simply, looking out a tent window can never compare to floating effortlessly in a 360° panorama of nature. Once you experience the spectacular views and comfort of our Roof Top Hammock Stand, we think you'll get it.

Why hammock on the roof?

With a stand on the roof, you can hammock in places never before accessible, from the edges of canyons to desert dunes to the tops of mountains. The rooftop vantage point is the key to amazing, uninterrupted views coupled with unbeatable comfort. You can enjoy this escape anytime, anywhere. No more looking for just the right place to hang - the moment you're parked, you are ready to relax. Plus, being off the ground keeps you out of reach of curious wildlife.

How much weight can the Roof Top Hammock Stand hold?

Each stand holds up to 250lb of hammock weight.

Can my traveling partner join me?

Of course! With our Roof Top Hammock Stand Mark II - Double you can mount two stands and a double floor on the same vehicle with appropriate roof bars. If your vehicle is big enough, you can keep adding even more stands to house the whole crew.